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I love being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator so much with so many opportunities being offered to me since I signed up. These opportunities would not have been offered to me if I hadn’t of become a demonstrator, one opportunity is the Stamping Society where I work with five amazing other demonstrators to create a video tutorial package that each individual member and sell to make some extra money.

The best part of joining Stampin’ Up! Is that you become a member of the Stampin’ Up! Family, with exclusive access to plenty of additional resources, stamping techniques and demonstrator discounts. To join my team and become a demonstrator all you need to do is purchase the Starter Kit.

What is the Starter Kit?

The Starter Kit is comprised of Stampin’ Up items that total a sum of £130.00/175.00 but will only cost you £99.00/129.00 with free postage. The best part of purchasing the Starter Kit is that you choose the items that go into it! If you want a full collection of Stampin’ Up! Ink Pads you can and still have more to spend.

You can choose to add a Business Supplies Pack into your Starter Kit for FREE, I recommend you add this is you want to run this as a business or not. It’s free and therefore allows you the opportunity to progress your hobby into a business at any point.
From the moment that you finish signing up and purchasing your Starter Kit you will realise that you get more than just the items in your box. A full list of benefits will be listed further down, make sure you check them out, it’s incredible.

Can you purchase the Starter Kit?

Of course you can! It is available to purchase from me if you reside in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland and Austria. If you reside outside of these countries, contact me direct and I’ll assist you in locating a demonstrator you can sign under.

There are so many different types of demonstrators which really show you can do as much or as little as you want to or have time for. The majority of demonstrators are Hobby Demonstrators; these demonstrators buy products for themselves and make the most of discount on products.

There is plenty of opportunities to grow from a Hobby Demonstrator to a Hobby Grower or even a Business Demonstrator. By taking small steps from gathering friends around on a Friday night to craft to running regular classes and meeting new people who share in likeminded activities, you’ll see a business develop without even knowing it is happening.

What are the benefits of joining?

·         You’ll become an honorary member of my team – The Magic Mayhems (We have a unicorn as a mascot… It’s pretty cool).
·         By joining you sign up to be a demonstrator for four months; if you want to continue after this time it could be simpler. By placing your own orders and meeting the minimum sales of £276.07 (£230.00 with your discount)
·         You will get 20% off all of your Stampin’ Up! Order placed by yourself, your friends or even your customers. This can be increased to 25% which means more savings for you and more income from orders.
·         As a demonstrator you’ll be one of the firsts to see new products and be able to purchase them early.
·         Once a quarter you will receive a free magazine delivered to your door with lots of projects and sneak peeks.
·         There is exclusive events for demonstrators only that you will be able to attend when you sign up. At these events we swap card designs, have a laugh and just experience a great day out.
·         For every pound you spend or receive in sales you’ll receive 1 Flex point. These Flex points can be swapped for fun items only for demonstrators or even product credit (that’s right more free items).
·         You can earn money an additional income to supplement the cost of your hobby or help towards that special something – I’m currently saving for a house.

There’s a lot of information to take in and process, however I’m always happy to discuss through the options with you so that you know it’s the right opportunity for you. If you are ready to join you can click the button below.

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