Saturday, 5 April 2014

Update from Author & Review of Sayaka Ganz

Morning everybody, hope you are all keeping well. As most of you know I am no longer a Stampin' Up Demonstrator due to being a student again and time not permitting it. However I didn't want to take away the blog with all my card work etc, therefore I have decided to adjust this blogs purpose into a Art Review and discussion. I am to post artist that have stood out to me giving a basic over view of the artists work, description of the piece and my views on the work. I will happily take suggestions on people you wish for me to look at. I really do hope that you will stay around and take inspiration from the work I present, whether it be in the colour, patterns or even shapes. On a personal note, my studies are going well and I'm completely healthy.

Now onto today's artist. For my first artist I choose Sayaka Ganz, who has strong Japanese style to her work. She was born in Yokohama however travelled to many different countries during her early life; this gave her a wider understands of style. Ganz studied at Indiana University Bloomington where she explored a large range of media; from Sculpture to Printmaking. This helped her determine that her passion lies within Sculpture and Welding.
Ganz is known for her work using plastic object that have been discarded to create her sculptural pieces. This use of material mixed with her fascination with animals and the movement they create jell well together to perform an elegant form surrounding nature. With using the discarded objects and the symbolism of the animals, the idea of protection and awareness come to light in her work. With this in mind, the artist is seen to be expressing her views on manmade issues with animal protect and their welfare. This is an issue we see/ hear about when we are younger or it was in my case on the importance of cutting beer string; due to it strangling animals. The way in which Ganz does this is so remarkable giving the concept a beautiful visual.

The animals featured within her work have strong movement characteristics. Ganz choose the most recognisable stances for her pieces, this allows the viewer to visualise the piece as the creature itself. The positioning of the work is also supports the message being given by the artist. This is by the way the work is frozen in the moment/ movement as if the animals are experience a moment of euphoria. The way she uses the shape to create this almost skeleton and maniacal appearance also creates a futuristic resemblance. This is supported by the way some of her work has be photographed and staged. 

Overall Sayaka Ganz style and technical ability that helps her create the elegant and conception pieces. The style and placement in which Granz support the meaning of her work and visually communicates it effective. I know I look forward to see her work expand and develop with her sculptural forms.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and will share with your friends within your own creative network. Please feel free to contact me on the information given with any questions and suggestions you may have. Thank you for you time.

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