Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Broken Figure by Mary Van Cline

Cline is normally well known for her work within her black and white photography depicting women. However we have started to see Cline explore from 2D to 3D in her latest way of showing the feminine form for the beauty that it is. She create her sculptures from casts which are lined with a thin layer of glass which creates the reflective/ shiny surface of leafs and skirt. This creates a contrast of the body and leafs attracting the viewer to the curvy and natural form of the female body.
There is an essence of sexuality within the sculptures, through the naked aspect of the work. This is supported the look of fabric surrounding the bottom half of the sculpture. In comparison to Clines' earlier work we lose the concept of identity within her sculptures by the way the head and faces aren't including within the work. This gives the piece a sense of sadness and damage to the feminine form, which made be seen as disgrace and shame within this terminology. What I find poetic is how the leaves are almost surrounding the body to protect it and its remaining beauty and innocence.
Concluding this it’s evident that the technique only supports the beauty or the work by enhancing the strong elements. However through the concept of sexuality of the feminine form it brings a higher level of thinking to the posture of the sculpture. 

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