Tuesday, 11 June 2013

To a Wonderful Mother

I'm back again! Miss me? Please don't think I'm lazy but I'm blogging from bed today, looking at the third late shift at work in a row is horrifying! However it pays to feed this big addiction to craft I have!

As promised I'm here today with the Mothers card I said about in the last post. Again it's using a Dexterous technique other wise know as 'Out of the Box'. I much prefer Dexterous! I'm using the Best of Flowers (133342). The inspiration for this card come from watching a mix media class onto canvas and wanted to try it out onto my cards. Using a floral pattern really made it feminine enough to to allow this card to be for a female. However by easily changing the design to say the damask pattern from Daring Adventure (121148) it'd be a great male card. In fact I'm copy righting this till I've made it (winky face). However this is such a great way to add lays to you card and very fun to get messy with!

I'd also like to remind you about joining me and Stampin Up! The opportunity is always there for you to join and it'd be great having you Join the Mini Mayhems my own team of demonstrators. I love what I'm doing creatively and I love sharing it with you all. If you would like to read more about joining please pop over to my page which is at the top under '£99 Starter Kit' or Follow the Link Here.

I have a lot planned today before I head to work like baby message cards and more baby cards, as well as getting to the post office! I hope you've enjoyed viewing my blog today and if you'd like to talk please drop me a message. All the information is found on the side bar.