Monday, 15 April 2013


Hello my lovelies! How have you been? Pre warning this is only a test drive to see if I can add photos from my phone onto here! Sadly I have been without a laptop for a while now, I feel SO lost! 

You are loved stamp set by stampin upAnyhow! I've spent this amazing weekend with my lovely Stanpin' Up! Friends. I've had so much fun and it's been so nice to spend laughing with them all! I have no other friends quite like my Pinkies!  Every time there is a gathering of demonstrators we like to makes swaps. Which is just a way to say 'Hello'. I (like always) came up with about 5 different types before I decided to go for this one! I'm eating my hat at the moment, I was the first to criticised Very Vanilla and Whisper White being used together but now I put my hands up and admit I was wrong! The biggest question I received about his card was the the small flowers and what shape I used; simply its the small flower from the You Are Loved Stamp Set. Cutting out 60 of them was the best part!

Joining stampin upI would really love for you to get to experience the fun and laughter with me at all these events! And to prove the fun look at this awful photo of myself with Michelle Last and Caroline van der Straaten. A quick message to the lovely Dutch ladies; 'Hello Dutchies, hey was leuk je te ontmoeten! Blijf in contact, en voor alle andere Dutchies lezen, stuur me een beeicht ik will graag chatten!'. I hope I did okay! I had a little help from a the friend i spoke about!

 If you would like to buy the starter kit for £99 (receiving £130 of crafting goods of your choice). Please drop me an email/ phone call/ text I'll happily help you find the right direction for you to take.
I hope you all have a lovely day. Happy Crafting!


  1. Yes Martin!! You spoke Dutch!! You Rock!! Your swap is absolutely stunning!! I LOVE it! It was also very nice to meet you this weekend. Xx Erna

  2. Hello sweety,
    We have had some much fun!
    Love the dorkey photo of us.
    Your Dutch is wonderful and we sure keep in touch.
    I'll promote your blog amongst my friends later today. ;-)
    Have a great day my lovely.
    Hope to see you again soon!
    xxx (you know 3 in Holland!) Caro

  3. Thank you Laides! It was so nice to meet you all! I hope i did the Dutch justice :) xx

  4. Hey Martin, you did very well! Hoe heb je dat zo snel geleerd? (how did you learn Dutch so fast?). Hope to see you again in November! ;-) xoxo

  5. Martin must have had the best teachers, Maaike !!!
    Most likely, Erna, Caro, and yourself ?????