Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Start with a New Year

Hey everybody!
Long time no post.
So as you know it's 2013 and its got me thinking the last few days on life in general. Deep I know.

Firstly my friends birthday was last week and we wanted her to start journaling to help her though a difficult time. So here it is. This is also a sneak peak at some up coming products.

Next on a personal note its my aim to go back to college to study art and hope get out of my current job. Not that there is a problem with my job, as I do enjoy it and was nominated employee of the year at my franchisee.

Anyway that's all I'll be back later to make some edits to this post as I'm blogging from my phone on my break! I have so much time on my hands!

Have a lovely day!



  1. This is an absolutely beautiful project.

    Good luck with the art course.

  2. This is gorgeous Martin. The butterfly in vintage colours, blending into the back is amazing.
    Love this style, and I'm sure your friend will appreciate the gift.

    Claire x
    (DT - Crafty Bloggers Network)

  3. It's an absolutely stunning journal, good luck if you go back to college

  4. Great journal and I am sure your friend will love it.

    Linda xxx

  5. wow I love this your friend will love it x

  6. Wow! This is fabulous, love it xx

  7. Beautiful! what a fab gift - your friend will love it. Helen x