Tuesday, 11 June 2013

To a Wonderful Mother

I'm back again! Miss me? Please don't think I'm lazy but I'm blogging from bed today, looking at the third late shift at work in a row is horrifying! However it pays to feed this big addiction to craft I have!

As promised I'm here today with the Mothers card I said about in the last post. Again it's using a Dexterous technique other wise know as 'Out of the Box'. I much prefer Dexterous! I'm using the Best of Flowers (133342). The inspiration for this card come from watching a mix media class onto canvas and wanted to try it out onto my cards. Using a floral pattern really made it feminine enough to to allow this card to be for a female. However by easily changing the design to say the damask pattern from Daring Adventure (121148) it'd be a great male card. In fact I'm copy righting this till I've made it (winky face). However this is such a great way to add lays to you card and very fun to get messy with!

I'd also like to remind you about joining me and Stampin Up! The opportunity is always there for you to join and it'd be great having you Join the Mini Mayhems my own team of demonstrators. I love what I'm doing creatively and I love sharing it with you all. If you would like to read more about joining please pop over to my page which is at the top under '£99 Starter Kit' or Follow the Link Here.

I have a lot planned today before I head to work like baby message cards and more baby cards, as well as getting to the post office! I hope you've enjoyed viewing my blog today and if you'd like to talk please drop me a message. All the information is found on the side bar. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fathers Day

Morning all, I hope you weekends going well for you all. I was lucky enough to have Saturday off work, therefore there was only one way to celebrate, yes that's right, crafting! I managed to create two cards, one for my dad which you'll see today and the next for my mum.

The Father's Day car card is using the 'Best Dad Ever' (120681) stamp set which is sadly retiring at the end of the month! It's surprising now once you have taken a step back and look at what's leaving when you truly appreciate their usefulness. With both cards I made I've used what I call the Dexterous technique because a friend of mine was the one to show it to us. Her name is Nicky Dexter, please follow this link to her blog. The technique allows you to have the image poking out of the matted shape, if that makes sense? 
This isn't the best example of the the technique dues to the banner running across the ties. I hope you get the gist of it. I can't help but feel there's something missing from the card. Personally I feel is needs some more Midnight Muse added in with embellishments etc. I'll be posting the card for my mum soon which demonstrates the technique really well.

Well I'm off to get ready for work later and some house work done. It's all go, whatever happened to Sunday being the day of rest! Have a lovely day!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Your Kindness Means So Much

Well hello there! I'm back again after a busy weekend! First f all I said I'll dress up as a clown for a friends kiddies birthday. Now I have done this before for my own Nieces birthday and that itself was a nightmare! However I think I make a very pretty clown. Here is a picture I took on my way to the party, start after though I did have to go to work at good old McDonald's and it was only slightly awkward walking in. I bet all the kids thought Ronald had come!

Now onto the card for today, it's using a BRAND NEW STAMP SET called Best Of Flowers (133342) (£13.95). To celebrate Stampin' Up!'s 25 years of business they are realising a stamp set each month with some of the best stamps over the years. Lucky for us, we haven't seen any of these ones before so all new stamps. Isn't that great! The flowers are just so elegant, but straight away I new I would be using this stamp the most!

I used it with the Manhattan Flower Embossing Folder (114517) which makes such a great impression. This folder was one of the first items I brought from Stampin Up and this is the first time I have used it! I'm so glad I have had the chance to use it before it goes! Hope you don't miss it! You can purchase it from me 24/7 by dropping me and email or a text, all information is on the side bar. Keeping up with the YouTube videos here is one making the card from today. 

Something else NEW to SU is SINGLE STAMPS! And have you seen them? I can not wait to get my hands on them, specially the glasses! So trendy and modern. Prefect for cards for teenagers... I would know seeing as I am one! I can see me making loads of cards for my friends with these stamps and they are all under £7! Please note that all the stamps fit onto an E block supplied by SU to add this to the stamp please quote the number (118484).

I do believe that is all from me for today. Please don't forget to pop over to the retiring lists for the Stamps  and the Accessories here.  Have a lovely day my friends.  

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Cup Of Thanks

Morning all! Hope you are all keeping well. Sadly I've just recovered from some horrible bug which left me without my voice. My parents thought Christmas had come early, they really enjoyed teasing me about it. They soon regretted it when I recovered this morning. I didn't shut up. Finally started to feel better today, thankfully.

The card today is using the DSP Tea for Two (129311), which has to be one of my favourites! Using the circular design with the Island Indigo and So Saffron. The card didn't turn out how I wanted exactly but when the products are as good of quality as SU's it always works out in the end. The image is from the stamp set Morning Cup (120489), such a cute liner stamp set perfect for though of you who like to colour or paper piercing. I took the sentiment from another tea set though which is Tea Shoppe (125547). Over all it's become a cute card however the black board is to dominating for the card. Change that and I'll be happy. Not that I'm overly fussy.

Today I have my This&That workshop which I'm so excited for! Will be such a good day! Will let you know how it goes I'm sure! I've really started to enjoy using it and just making a crafting mess! I'll so the too pages I made about my trip to Birmingham in another post this week. It's still offer till the 31st. After this time it'll still be available to purchase as individual items just not as the bundle with the 15% off.

I have something exciting to say as well... I've made a YouTube video! AHHH! Please excuse my voice being very husky and rough, it's down to the sore throat which I'm sure in future videos. The video is of the Monogram Gift Bag.

Now time is running out sadly for you to claim the EXTRA £25 on top of the original £130 of product of your choice. The £155 will only cost you £99. This is a WOW offer! Don't miss it! 
If you would like to talk to me about anything to do with Stampin' Up! Or just for a chat please drop me  a message on the details on the side bar and I'll get back to you soon.
Hope the rest of you day is lovely, unlike the weather!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Monogrammed Party Bag

Morning/ afternoon! (depending where you are viewing from)

Oh I have been so busy! Again I've been asked for serial baby card which I need to get on with and start making. On a personal note I would like to tell you about an experience I had on Wednesday night. On the 22nd May my franchises store all got together to go out for an evening. It was hel
d at a local night club and because it was my older brother who arrange the evenings had to help with a few things. One thing I didn't know about was my new little friend you can see in the picture! Isn't she lovely!

Now onto the little gift bag I made, it was originally for a baby for my sisters friend however something else was arranged instead. Therefore at my next workshop which is Tuesday the lovely ladies who are attending will have these as a treat. I will however use their initial instead of the B demonstrated here for Baby. I a, so excited for this event and is going to be such a good day! I'll be sure to share photos with you. I used the the First Edition DSP (121878) and the letter is using the Broadsheet Alphabet (120585). Have you noticed how cute the box is? Pop over here to view a video on how to make one. Thank you Michelle Last for the video!

Now onto something really exciting! You are able to place your Stampin' Up! Orders online! 24 hours 7 days a week. Yes this is exciting! I've been working on the button to go on my blog for days and still working on my SU site however Its coming along nicely.
It's so simple to order. You just pop over and everything is in there own categories making it easy to work your way around. If you don't know what the name of the stamp set is that fine every item has a picture clearly showing what you are buying.
It's not just for shopping, you have my calendar on there so you know when I'm free to hold a workshop or a party. See other project that come across and inspire me etc. It's a great way to get connect with a demonstrator and understand the world of SU more clearly. Use my lovely button to take you there! It needs clicking!
I hope you are all having a lovely day! I'll be off to work later! Wish me luck.

Friday, 17 May 2013

New Baby

Afternoon everyone, doesn't everything feel ago right now? I'm lucky to have only had been scheduled to work fewer days the last 2 weeks which mean I have a lot more time to myself and craft! Which is always good (ignore my cries when it comes to pay day).

Before I start with today's card just a reminder about the event I will be holding at my home on the 28th. Yes as I'm sure you have guessed I'm on about the This&That event! I'm so excited and I hope you are too. It's a small cost of £35 which includes everything in the This&That bundle (133905) and you are able to use other card and inks which I have to use. I hope too see you the and the deadline for booking is this Tuesday. If you are unable to attend but would like the bundle for its collective price of £29.24, please just pop me a call, text or email me. My details will be posted below.

Now onto the card, loads of my friends and friends of friends are having babies! Now I'm the first to go 'Aww' to a little baby but when it come to making cards etc I've found that I didn't really have any baby stamp sets. Straight away I had a little panic but I found a stamp set I've had forever! And that's the Easy Events (123225) straight away I knew that I wanted it punched out and all the colours I wanted to use! This one is I made for a baby boy and its cute. I didn't want to add to much detail to the card but the First Edition DSP (121878) just finishes it off. I also added the 'B is for Baby' stamped image on the inside however I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to my friend. Sorry!

Just a remember about joining Stampin' Up! Now is a great time due to the offer of receiving an extra £25 of product onto of the £130. All you pay is £99. That in itself is worth joining. This doesn't have to be run as a business and you can just join for the 20% off every order. More information about my story with Stampin' Up! Is here for you to read.

As always ill be happy to help with you in anyway I can. Please feel free to pick up the phone and call or drop me a message via text or email. Here are my details; email is martinboo@hotmail.co.uk and to contact me via phone it's 07712596191.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

O is for One

Evening all! Oh do I have a lot to say, yes, that's more than normal before someone says it. Yesterday I spent the day in Telford for the regional training day. Firstly it was just nice to see all the lovely demonstrators there. What really touched my heart was the demonstrators who came and spoke to me, your kind words have truly encouraged me to carry on doing what I love! Please stay in touch my new friends.

That leads me onto my next point... Which I've just forgotten. Bare with me... Nope nothing.

Next then I'm sure you are all wanting to see the cards I made for my swaps. In exchanged I received some lovely cards and 3D objects which are just too cute for word! Some I'll be using parts in my future projects. Mine are in 6 colours which are- Real Red, Marina Mist, Old Olive, Rich Razzleberry, Daffodil Delight & Pumpkin Pie. Just so bright and just happy colours!


I simple just swaps the colours around for each card and they all look co-ordinated with one another and will be making a tag or even some skittle holders. The colours would look great!

We had lessons on 'How to' with loads of techniques and loads of spoilers! One spoiler I can't not wait for! Been wanting it to happen for a long time! That is all your getting from me!

Hope you like my swaps and I'll be back with what I made using the left overs and everything else I create!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

This&That Title Page

Morning all, hope you are keeping well and have made most of the sun rays! Sadly I have not so I'll have to fake bake it. But keep that a secret?

I was so lucky to receive my NEW love This&That kit yesterday lunch time. If I hadn't of had a hospital appointment then I would have got right down to crafting. However this wasn't the way (sad face). Once I was home other you couldn't see the floor, you had the brown packing paper hanging from the lights and parcel tape in my hair. Pretty image I know.
After spending a least a hour drooling over the paper and pages in the journal I started to craft! It's so lovely. I manage to craft and as it is the opening page I wanted to create a type of 'This book belongs to..', with out that stamp however I used a picture of myself instead and added my date of birth. I have a chuckle to myself with the way it was termed.

I am so excited for the party I'm holding on the 28th May to view and have a play with the kit. Please visit my Facebook to view the event created. It cost £35 and includes all 5 items of the kit and lunch. It promised to a an exciting day and event.

Or if you are really loving the kit like myself, purchase it as part of your starter kit and include the matching Inks, some ribbons and extra card? And receive 30% all your order in the first month with 20% off from there on. Please follow this link to view my journey and how to join.

Hope you all have a lovely day and please get in touch if you would like to talk. I'd be great to hear from you.

Friday, 3 May 2013


Afternoon all! Hope your all well and enjoying the sun. I'm hoping I get some crafting done today however that down to weather I'm able to leave my bed or not. It truly is horrible being poorly although it does seem like I'm on the mend. Its been a busy week for me with work and going to college for all the meetings but I'm sure now this is what I need in life to be happy! Role on September I'm so excited!

Now onto today's card which is a very simple and clean cut card. I find simplistically the best way to go when dealing with men's cards. And with fathers just over a month away best start creating especially when you have 17 to make like myself! Well 16 now. Also I like to keep with browns blues and greens, especially for men's cards I should say.

I used the Dapper Dad Stamp Set (129198) which us found in the Spring/ Summer Mini Catalogue. So useful when it comes to male cards! I know I'll be turning to a lot over the next few days while crafting. Another thing I like about the stamp set is the pattern SU has used, which helps when putting a card together.

Now onto something exciting, for the first time I am offer a day where you can keep the products offered in the This & That bundle (£29.24). I'm offering the day at a price of £35 which purely covers the cost of the kit, lunch and all the ink and papers you want to use! I'm expecting it to be an amazing day with loads of laughs. It will run from 11am on the Tuesday 28th May till 3pm but knowing me I'll run over specially if we're busy crafting!
If you are interest please contact me and I'll answer any questions with no obligation to come along. To text or call it is 07712596191 and email is martinboo@hotmail.co.uk.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

This & That

Do you ever feel like your crafting is a bit of This and That?

Well Thank You Stampin' Up! for making it all okay. Today we see the release of the new journal from SU with co-ordinating papers, washi tape, stickers and paper clips. Allowing you to put This and That together to make a beautiful mess all for £30!

I can't wait to get my hands on it! Its already on order and I have seen so many previews of it! Please Click Here to go to the leaflet about it or watch that video below. Contact me to collect yours. Its waiting.

Its the normal ways to contact me, nice and easy, call or text on 07712593191 and email me on martinboo@hotmail.co.uk

I'm off to get some sleep now and I'll be finding some photos to add to my journal tomorrow!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Oh, Hello!

Morning all, Hope you have been keeping well. Happy its the weekend? Currently I'm suffering from writers block, not a clue what to write about, so please excuse the waffle! Today's card is using the Oh, Hello Stamp Set (130733) and what I would say is the coordinator paper Tea for Two (129311). It was so simple to create but like me having writers block I also had crafter's block! Which is never good!

I spent my night yesterday evening cleaning my room which secondly is my craft space so hopefully I'll have time to create something a little more interesting for you all. And that reminds me I have swaps to make too. It's all go here! Might just use this stamp set! If you have any ideas of your own on cool techniques you'd like to see, leave me a comment below and I'll do my best! I'm excited for some craft time later!

Hope you all have a good Saturday and you get some crafting done!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

A little Gift

Afternoon Lovelies, Its so strange to have my laptop back, being able to Blog and use Facebook again feels great. Nothing like keeping in touch with your friends though social networking. So for those of you who follow my Facebook page, you will know the past few days I've been busy crafting and arranging a little gift for certain people. Finally late last night I completed the first on.

I've designed the little gift to send to anybody who signs as a Demonstrator or a Hobby Demo under myself, this is designed as a Thank You and a welcome from me. I feel a lot of people out there don't quite understand that with Stampin' Up! that you don't have to have a business from it. If you have a passion for craft and the products then join to get £130 worth of goods for £99 and then 20% off all the orders you place. I cannot be any more sincere when I say that there is something for everyone's needs.

Anyway onto what I've been doing. I have branded my team with the Geek Chic Glasses! How trendy are they at the moment? I Love Them! I wear them on a daily basis just as a fashion accessory, so cute! And other demonstrators think so too! Caroline and Krista from the Netherlands have been caught modelling them! (Sorry Ladies) These will be yours to show you apart of my team and just a symbol to show your a Mini Mayhem!! Along with this you'll receive a card and a notebook handmade by myself, of course.

Myself and Caroline at the Pinkies Weekend
Krista sporting the glasses at Regional Training in the Netherlands

I hope you love the project today, please contact me with any questions about it or just leave a comment on this post, It's always lovely hearing from you all!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Thinking of You

Afternoon Lovelies, how are you this sunny day? I hope you're all taking advantage of the weather and taken the craft room outside for the day! (I know I have!) I'm currently trying so hard to stay awake after working hard the past week, however it looks like I'm losing this battle. Which is why I am posting now so I can get an early night!

Tonight's card was made a while ago when a family friend passed, but... I lost it and only recently found it again, therefore I might as well post it. I believe I said before how I feel Sympathy cards should be kept simple and not to have it too busy. Plus Basic Grey and Elegant Eggplant work well as a colour scheme for these cards.

I used a much loved stamp set 'You Are Loved(123777) which if rumours are true we'll be saying good-bye to it soon! Sad? So am I, although I cant wait to see a few of the new goodies soon!! I love the flowers and how they make the circle look even more delicate, also the paper piecing also around the edge of the circle just looks so lovely and yet its so simple! All products are available to purchase from me 24/7  and for more products View the Catalogue Here.

The current promotion is still running to get an extra £25 of product on the starter kit for free! Contact me by Phone and text on 07712596191 or email me on martinboo@hotmail.co.uk for have all you questions answered. If you are ready to purchase the £99 Start Kit Click Here.

Thank you for visiting, please leave your comments below.

Friday, 19 April 2013

F is for Friend

Afternoon Lovelies! I hope you've been busy crafting, I still have a few cards to saw you from the Pinkies Weekend away. Therefore I thought I best get on with posting the next one. But first; much needed information about the latest fantastic offers from SU.

Firstly if the Starter Kit wasn't already enough of a bargain at only £99 for £130 worth of product (which you get to choose yourself!)  But until the 30th of May you can claim an extra £25 of product for the £99 which means you are given an £155! Sign up online here!

You can Host a Party and earn an extra £25 to spend on products in both the Annul catalogue and the Spring/Summer catalogue when the party totals £250.

Next is the Colour Revolution! Every so Often Stampin' Up! Brings in some lovely new colours for us to play with! And they have not disappointed us, bring back some of our much loved In Colours, like Pool Party and Island Indigo however to make room for these lovelies we have to say goodbye to some of our old friends like Bashful Blue and River Rock. Are you excited about any colours participially  I know I'll be saying a big 'Hello' to Smoky Slate! To view a larger version simply click on the picture.

That's all the exciting part over with! If you would like any help please contact me. Now onto the card, I have being dying to use the stamp set Occasions Alphabet (123598 pg 147) which is simply lovely and so useful! Defiantly one I would turn to a lot from now on. And have you seen the cute little flowers cute flowers from Artisan Embellishment Kit (129328) from the Spring/Summer catalogue, so versatile that I've been buying a fair few of them.
Its always good to be daring with the colours you use together, for example the saying blues and greens should never be seen? Well you can throw that thought away; just look how great blue and pink look together. I would have never put them together until now. 

Please feel free to contact me about any information above, it'd be lovely to hear from you.

Monday, 15 April 2013


Hello my lovelies! How have you been? Pre warning this is only a test drive to see if I can add photos from my phone onto here! Sadly I have been without a laptop for a while now, I feel SO lost! 

You are loved stamp set by stampin upAnyhow! I've spent this amazing weekend with my lovely Stanpin' Up! Friends. I've had so much fun and it's been so nice to spend laughing with them all! I have no other friends quite like my Pinkies!  Every time there is a gathering of demonstrators we like to makes swaps. Which is just a way to say 'Hello'. I (like always) came up with about 5 different types before I decided to go for this one! I'm eating my hat at the moment, I was the first to criticised Very Vanilla and Whisper White being used together but now I put my hands up and admit I was wrong! The biggest question I received about his card was the the small flowers and what shape I used; simply its the small flower from the You Are Loved Stamp Set. Cutting out 60 of them was the best part!

Joining stampin upI would really love for you to get to experience the fun and laughter with me at all these events! And to prove the fun look at this awful photo of myself with Michelle Last and Caroline van der Straaten. A quick message to the lovely Dutch ladies; 'Hello Dutchies, hey was leuk je te ontmoeten! Blijf in contact, en voor alle andere Dutchies lezen, stuur me een beeicht ik will graag chatten!'. I hope I did okay! I had a little help from a the friend i spoke about!

 If you would like to buy the starter kit for £99 (receiving £130 of crafting goods of your choice). Please drop me an email/ phone call/ text I'll happily help you find the right direction for you to take.
I hope you all have a lovely day. Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Evening everyone, 
I asked everyone on my Facebook page what stamp set they'd like me to use.
The first request was for Secrete Garden (129144)
Here's the stamp set: 
Its lovely however as you can imagine not easy to use. 
I started but stamping the flowers ready to colour in! 
Now this is then I turned to our Stampin' Write Makers and the Blender Pen.
It look me a while to colour 3 flowers out but hey... worth it in the end!
Here's the overall card: 

I'm not going to lie now...
I'm still in shock how well the Pretty in Pink and Island Indigo work together!
I just love the greeting too!
Its using the new Feel Good (129684) stamp set in the mini!
I believe its worked well and turned out okay. 
Please leave a comment letting me know what you think

Hope to speak to you soon!