Sunday, 4 November 2012

I'm back with a give away!

Well hello again lovely people! 
How are you all? 
I'm not going to lie but I love having all you comments 
I just wish you'd email me so I can get to know you all better! 
After all we are all friends!

I'm now back from convention in Germany and boy did i enjoy it! 
Reminded me why I love Stampin' Up so much! 
Sounds silly right but no matter how many demonstrator are out there;
You are special.
And I just love that!

Anyway its tradition when we all get together to 'Swap'
This as you all know is swapping cards which is amazing for inspiration! 
Nothing talking right? Here it is!

That was my swap... am I forgetting something do you think? 
Well from tomorrow (5/11/12) till midnight Sunday (11/11/12)
For every order I receive I will place you in a prize draw to win the Papaya College stamp set! 
This is valued at £20.95
Their is no minimum amount to the order! 
Please Click Here for to view the catalogue!
Then ether Text/Call on 07712596191 
Or Email
I will be in touch with you within 24 hours!
Now are you ready to see the stamp set? 
I'll be back tomorrow with a card showing off this beautiful stamp set! 

See you then 


  1. Gorgeous card Martin, I love the beautiful bird and glad to hear you had a good time in Germany.

    Linda xxx

  2. Wow Martin! What a wonderful giveaway! I'd get ordering if I were you all! It was lovely to spend time with you Martin, you are great and have so much potential.

  3. sounds like a busy fabulous time for you Martin, Loving the card, its gorgeous, The stamps look amazing, what a brillant prize, xxx

  4. Hi Martin,

    as I saw you standing there at convention I said to my friend "look at this boy standing over there and what beautiful swaps he has made". We then swapped and today I´ve showed my family a few of my favorite swaps including yours. You know what? They all said it was gorgeous and they couldn´t believe it was made from a boy. We all think that you have a great feeling for colour and combining motives. This card ist just so lovely.

    Thanks for swapping with me.

    br, Kerstin

  5. Beautiful card and I just love your layout.

  6. Hi Martin - didn't see you at convention, but I know that you were mentioned! Would have come and said hello. Did you win a prize patrol? I did!!

  7. Glad you had a fab time at the convention - a fantastic swap x

  8. Hi Martin I'm your new follower, great card xxx

  9. I am loving this beautiful vintage card! The design and colors are fabulous! I am now following also! xx

  10. Martin it was a pleasure to meet you and I LOVED your swap in fact it was my favourite(I know that makes me sound like Brucie!!! not only have I got his chin i am using his chat up lines now*grin*)I have subscribed so will be checking in on you more often :)
    Hugs Monica xx

  11. I would love to receive your swap...perhaps next year!
    Hugs from France!