Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Always Friend

Good morning friends!
How are you this sunny morning? 

I'm back once again! 
Please could you all do me a favour? 
Don't let me slip back into not blogging!
I love sharing something I'm so passionate about. 

Now onto the card.
Personally I feel there is too much going on in it however I've been reassured by the Pinkies that its lovely! 
So nice having such a supportive team! 
Thank You all who maybe reading this!

Ready to see it? 

 Everything Eleanor (124162)             Affection Collection (127946)               You Are Loved (123777)

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Like are all you emails, texts and emails.
Thank You!

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See you soon


  1. What a fab card....I love it! Brown and pink go so well together x

  2. Beautiful card, love the design xxx

  3. Another fabulous card Martin, brown and pink are my favourite colour combination.

    Linda xxx

  4. A gorgeous card, love the colours and layout x

  5. Beautiful card and great colour combination.

    Joan x

  6. Stunning card I love the layout and the colours. Chris xx

  7. A truly GORGEOUS, STUNNING card, love the colour combo and the stamps are gorgeous, love the style and design FABULOUS xxxx

  8. wow what a gorgeous card I just love the colour combo too x