Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Reef

Evening all! 
Before I go to bed I've been meaning to update! 
I've spent all day working on this years Christmas Reef! 
I've never made one before so I'm not going to lie I was bricking it! 

Once I had completed it I showed my Mum,
All she could say was we couldn't put it anywhere because the colours didn't go!

Oh well I love how it turned out even if i do say so myself!
Here it is: 

I love how all the colours work together and make it what it is! 

On the 4th December I will be holding my Annual Christmas Party! 
Please feel free to come along and attend, make, share and laugh! 
It is free to attend as a thank you for all the support given though my first year as a Demonstrator!
Please Contact me for the address and to book a place. 
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Call or Text | 07712596191

See you soon


  1. You should love it Martin as it is gorgeous! If it clashes with your interior decor of your home, perhaps you could hang it on the outside of your front door for all to see and admire. xx

  2. This is fabulous Martin, I'm sure you and your'e Mum will find somewhere to hang it so it can be seen by everyone

  3. Fabulous creation, maybe your mam was just joking.....I always have a themed colour-scheme, but still hang up the decs my 2 sons made at school 20 odd years ago. They don't quite 'go', but I love them! haha

  4. This is beautiful and i am sure you mum can find somewhere for it to hang.

    Joan x

  5. Beautiful, love the colours you have used :)

  6. Bricking it lol !! It's Ab fabby xxx