Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Is Coming...

Are you already for Christmas? 
I'm not, I have a few more little gifts to get for friends then I'm done. 
Now for me the wrapping of the present is even more important than the gift itself,
That's why this year I'm using Stampin' Up! to help me. 

Firstly I'm giving some cute little necklaces out which didn't come in a boxer, 
time to be creative. 
Stampin' Ups candy wrapper die is what i turned too for these cute little boxes: 

Aren't they cute? I'm sure you'll agree.
They are just so simply to make and decorate, 
so much so I've made 12 with the plan for having little gifts on the Christmas table.
Little touches make a big difference!

* Workshop Update *
Thank you everyone who turned up it was a busy night!
Here are some pictures of the night, can you spot yourself?

We had great fun and loads of laughs!
I have already booked the date for my next workshop which is 8th February
Where we will be feeling the love by making Valentines day cards
If you would like to reserve a place then contact me today and let me know! 

The total we raise in the end for Ronlad McDonald House Charities is £96.
So well done ladies!

If you would like to purchase any Stampin' Up products just press the 'Email Me' button on the side -->
I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Cya soon Craftiers!


  1. The boxes are adorable.
    Really enjoyed the demo evening - just wish that I could have participated.

    See you on the 8th.

  2. Looks like a fantastic workshop Martin, well done you! x