Saturday, 8 October 2011

We Have Life!

I now its been a long time! I'm sincerely sorry! Where do i start, aye?
Well I have been so busy!
R.M.H.C had a masquerade ball, to raise money for charity, i was commisioned to create a anme placement and gift box for each guest. The colour sceme was black and red, there didnt give me any type of challenge by giving me a hard brief to stick too!
I was flattered by all the complament i recieve about the little bits i had done. Right, i bet you are wanting me to stop talking and show you what i made. Here you go:

This however isn't the only thing 've been up too though, now most of you know i turn 18 at the end of the month. Therefore i need invites for the night. The theme again is Masquerade ( before you ask, it was my idea first  : P ) and i didnt want people to deter because they would have to buy a mask etc. Therefore the invite is a mask. Intreged yet? Here you go:

All the information is on the small tag on the side and is attached by the ribbon though the whole for the ties.

Well i hope this makes up for the long wait, oh and before i go I'm thinking of a way to celebrate my 18th with my crafty friend with a week special. So please, leave ideas and comment below. I' be back later with a list of products.

Until next time,

Cya Crafters

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  1. Had a good look through your blog, and I must say I'm impressed. I may just have to pinch a few of your ideas. Keep up the fantastic work.
    Take care & keep smiling :o)
    BTW. I work with your Dad, who calls me "The Witch", can't imagine why :oP