Monday, 11 April 2011

Easter Gift

Hi all,
Now i thought this post had been posted and it hadn't; stupid phone.
Today i have what I'm giving and selling as Easter gifts, its a simple little treat that is just so cute. All you need is a test tube and some sweets. now i used millions because i thought it looked better however i did try mini eggs before and that looked good still.
They were really simple to decorate as well because you want to keep it simple when it i only going to be eaten. Therefore all i did was stamp a little bunny from So Cute stamp set from Stampin' Up! which Carol let me borrow to do these. Simple then use ribbon in a note to finish it off.

I'm currently sorting out my craft area as it looks a mess and needs a good sort out, and i couldn't sleep last night so i started painting the walls. I will post pictures soon, its now the holiday's so i have some time to get things done as well as craft; Yay!
Have a nice a with the sun, Cya x 


  1. a clever idea, looks good too

  2. where did you get the test tubes from? adorable idea!

  3. You can buy them from ebay, thats where i got mine form :D