Wednesday, 23 February 2011

From One Card Too Another

Hi everyone, its been a few days but boy have I've been busy!! Who new one person could have so much to do in a week. Anyway it's my Nans 80th at the end of the week, now I've planned to start before hard today however i started late last night. I received a stamp set i won on eBay and i really wanted to use it, however the image on the i wanted to use was quite small. Now i love small cards; 3x3 to 4x4, just love them. My Mum doesn't as much, she would say 'the bigger the better'.
Now i didn't have any ideas on what i wanted the card to look like other than i wanted to Marina Mist card stock from Stampin' Up! In the end i ended up working with a 3x4 base card and i want to frame the image, in short here's the card:
From here i knew i had to make a larger version of this, so i thought though ideas I'd had in the past and remembered i want to try and do an easel card. This is what i came up with next:
Now I'm perfectly happy with this card but there is a few elements of it that I'd change. One of which is the angle of top of the card, another is the button and the position of the stopper because it is fairly high up.
If you haven't noticed by now I'm a perfectionist, lol. i do have another card in mind using the same colours but i need to find a third to separate the colours more. Any question's, advice or comment are welcome : D

Night all!


  1. oh WOW. Loving these Martin. I LOVE making mini cards as you make them into boxed gifts. Keep up the good work, they are lovelly.....

  2. What fantastic cards martin love the colours !!!! keep up the good work . Have you considered becoming a stampin up demonstrator ? I really enjoy it since i join them .If you are intrested contact me Andy .

  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments! As for becoming a demonstrator, i was told i'm not allowed to be one until i'm 18 (which is still 8 months away). However i have considered the idea and would like to become one, its just a matter of waiting these next few months out :)

  4. You are a very talented young man Martin...I saw your cards on Docrafts and desided to check out your blog. I think Andrew(above)is right. you should think about becoming a demonstrator...I can see you on Create & Craft or QVC in a few years,lol.Looking forward to seeing your future creations hun. Alison xxx

  5. Hi again. Thanks for joining my blog. I`ve just wrote on there and mentioned you with a link to your blog. Hope that was ok :\ Ali xx

  6. A great card, keep going at it and as the others say, we'll see you on the tele in the not too distant future :)